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Scotch Drinker's Weekly Vol. 03

Scotch Drinker's Weekly 10/28/2023 Vol. 03
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News from Dunphail Distillery this week was that production has finally commenced earlier this month with the first spirit running off the stills on October 6th. The Bimber Distillery team, behind this Scottish expansion describe the new spirit as being "fat and fruity" thanks to traditional Scotch whisky production methods, highlighted by their very own floor maltings (first time since 1898 a Speyside distillery was built with one), and direct-fired stills.


Through Dramfool's exclusive partnership with K&L Wine Merchants, a quartet of sister single casks from Caol Ila are coming to the states. The sister casks were all serendipitously distilled on America's Independence Day, July 4th, 2008. "In April of 2021 all were reracked into the freshly emptied barrels of the Jim McEwan Signature Series from Dramfool for extended finishing." The first two casks have already hit the shelves, with the remaining two to follow next year.

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I have no affiliation or ties to any of the following retailers found in the links below. The bottles mentioned are meant to be represented from my own personal, market consumer point of view, and should not be seen as any suggestion, or recommendation of purchase. These are merely bottles that spiked some genuine curiosity from myself, and I felt some fellow whisky nerds would find intriguing. I also don't work for any shipping service and as such, would highly recommend that any reasonable human being who may find one or more these bottles interesting enough for purchase, reach out to the retailer to confirm shipping to their country is possible at this time.


Scotch Drinker's Weekly Vol. 03


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