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Glenallachie 2006 Duo

Glen Scotia VictoGlenallachie 2006/15 Year |Single Cask| Oloroso Sherry Puncheon #800547 - 59.7% (Germany)riana (2020) - 54.2%
Bottle Image Credit: Whiskybase


2006/15 Year |Single Cask| Oloroso Sherry Puncheon 800547 - 59.7%

*Germany Exclusive*

Even with his name already scripted onto every box, it was apparently imperative that the bottle mention that Billy Walker selected this cask specifically for Germany. Given the 6-digit cask number however, along with a hefty outturn of 710 bottles, it would've perhaps been a bit more transparent to say this was "finished" or at least "re-racked" for Germany.

Full disclosure, this sample came from my own personal bottle which I've had open for almost 15 months now. I've went back to it multiple times and always had a similar reaction of it being just a tad too hot for my liking, hoping the extended oxidation might bring a different experience. It hasn' far, but today I'm giving it it's fairest chance possible with some water and an extended sitting/airing out time in the glass, after it's been poured.

Appearance: Deep tawny/Mahogany

First Whiff: Black cherry-filled, black forest cake.

Nose: Guarded...with ethanol, of course. Gave it some time and came back, which helped it settle down a bit but don't let your nose get too carried away. Still a bit of sting left in there. Obviously wood-driven, with super sweet tannic notes like chocolate fudge, black cherry, prunes...but there's some real depth as well, backed with a bit of musty, clove-y sweet-spice. With water: Warm caramel, black plums, blackberries.

Palate: Piercing, yet creamy. Super sweet in the front but dries up and sours in the middle, through to the back. Surprisingly juicy though, once it settles. Chocolate covered jelly rings...concord grape jelly and Tootsie Rolls. With water: Oof!...dunnage vibes...sorry...more dense now with some of those lovely musty-old warehouse feels. Fatty and filled with chewy, old wood. Creamy hazelnut filled Ferraro Rocher and some lovely stone Italian plums.

Finish: Oak spice/cedar wood, musty cigar box fades into a fudge-y pine tar delight.

Summary: Air time (at least 30 minutes) and water is not only necessary but downright mandatory, in my book! I'm afraid it's still a bit too sharp without say...5-10 drops of water. After which, it becomes exponentially more sweet on the nose and significantly more chew-y in the mouth with loads of character underneath.


Glenallachie 2006/13 Year |Spirit of Speyside Festival 2020| PX Hogshead #6601 - 60.5%
Bottle Image Credit: The Grand Whisky Auction


2006/13 Year |Spirit of Speyside Festival 2020| PX Hogshead 6601 - 60.5%

One of a few #bottles that had to be released for the "festival that never was," back in the beginning of the pandemic. Since the cask was already bottled, and the distillery wasn't sure when they'd be able to host visitors again, this was made available through a select number of UK specialist retailers.

Appearance: Burnt umber-ish, old oak.

First Whiff: Foursquare rum, aged in ex-Armagnac casks.

Nose: There's this very subtle, and beautifully rich molasses/rancio thing going on...wrapped with warm milk chocolate/caramel and dark honey. Light touches of liquorice/aniseed underneath, as well. Really sublime.

Palate: Creamy/velvety, soft tannin structure which brings on a basket of juicy dates, Fig Newton (prunes), blackberry jam and bitter, dark chocolate.

Finish: Catches a peppery spark from the mid-palate on, which heats up some of those bitter chocolate notes, turning into a musty/earthy finish.

Summary: Water didn't change much, or for lack of a better explanation, was surprisingly negligible given its high abv. I could see this being a very divisive dram depending on each person's palate preference, but a real winner, I felt. It pushes 90, for me, shorted a bit for that odd turn of events at the end, where it got a bit funky.



Glenallachie 2006 Duo


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