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It all started back in 2017... my "whisky journey." Surely, not a relatively long time ago, but perhaps the RIGHT time, for me at least. My (then) girlfriend decided to surprise me with a trip to Scotland for my 30th birthday, after seeing me slowly become the whisky guy of the group. It was during that trip where I gained my appreciation for not only the spirit, but the people involved within its production. I caught the bug, as some would say. Since then, my passion (and collection) continued to grow and has led to some wonderful friendships, and so many magical moments, highlighted perhaps, with a wedding in Scotland to that same girlfriend (now wife, of course). 

Unlike most people who catch the bug, I've somehow avoided working anywhere in the industry, and thus can proudly claim that all opinions given, snarky or not, are that of my own. The only bias given will be towards the companies and people I believe in, and choose to champion out of pure respect and admiration.

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