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Edradour Duo

Has there been a bigger "glow up" in recent years than Scotland's (former) smallest distillery? The “pride of Pitlochry” has nudged its way into the “winesky” drinker’s market by bombarding it with a tactical, smattering of young, single cask sherrybombs over the past few years, some from independent bottlers…but mostly out of the Signatory’s own warehouses. After first pointing out how dark it is (of course), most people (I believe) actually drink this stuff too. But be warned…if you indulge a little too much… It hath been known to have ye speaking in medieval phrases from time to time. Today, I try to get a feel for the actual spirit through a Sauternes maturation before sampling one of their more prototypical pours, these days.

Edradour  2008/10 Year Sauternes Hogshead #331 (Local Dealer Selection) – 60.8%
Bottle Image Credit: Whiskybase


2008/10 Year Sauternes Hogshead 331 (Local Dealer Selection) – 60.8%

Appearance: Tawny/Copper

First Whiff: Musty, honeycomb covered cedar closet.

Nose: : Wood spices and honey, easy pickens with just about any Sauternes maturation. Drink enough Glenmorangie nectar D’or and this gets easier and easier to pick up right away. Ginger spices and caramel squares with a flinty top note. With water: That Flint note turns to solvent...nail varnish remover.

Palate: Soft, chewy spices…candied oranges and wooden pencils. Buttered toffee, more musty wood. Slight farmyard edge…hay bales.

Finish: : Struck match, but I wouldn’t call it sulphur. More like “wood burn,” or poorly integrated oak. Slight orchard fruits in the back…crisp green apples, pears.

Summary: Blasphemous for some, but this might actually be improved with some ice. There’s a lot of woody/must notes here which I kind of like, but those flint/struck match notes tend to cling to the whole experience like a “stage five.”


Edradour  2009/12 Year |Natural Cask Strength| Sherry Cask Matured #166 - 56.7%
Bottle Image Credit: Whiskybase


2009/12 Year |Natural Cask Strength| Sherry Cask Matured 166 - 56.7%

Appearance: Brown sherry, of course. Dark (as hell) cola

First Whiff: Stubborn confectionery chocolate, almost like the aromas don't want to leave the glass.

Nose: Very weighty, heavy tannic influence which brings a bit of singularity of sherry notes. Prunes jump out, with an almost funky madeira like sweetness. Tootsie pop, tootsie rolls and jammy dark fruits. With water: Linseed oil, like the one bottle I used to season all three of my baseball mitts. Leathery liquorice and pipe tobacco.

Palate: Thin, not very chewy or mouth coating. Some dusty cocoa, dried fruits…red plums, dried figs…old oaky notes. Oh and beet roots! With water: Slightly oily, still very thin. Black liquorice & chocolate Twizzlers.

Finish: Medium-short, Earl grey tea.

Summary: I can’t say I necessarily dislike this one, it’s just not my jam. Quite singular from top to bottom without that unctuous/mouth coating depth of flavor we see from some other big sherry pours. Understandably there’s quite a market for these though This heavily oaked “sherrybomb” expression has effectively become the “house style” for the modern day Edradour, making it a fan favorite amongst many sweet-toothed wine drinkers parading around as whisky drinkers…Only kidding of course…Kinda.



Edradour Duo


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