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Resources & Links

I envy those passionate scotch whisky consumers, who got into whisky/single malts prior to the days of the internet. Thankfully, by the time I got into it, there was already a well established history and wealth of information available at my finger tips, in order for me to play catch up. Not to mention the somewhat underrated world of social media which has led to arguably the greatest whisky boom of all time...but I digress.

Part of the reason I love whisky so much is how it brings people together to share their similar experiences and passion for the subject. And so one of the wonderful things I've seen on other blogs, and wanted to add to my own when I had the chance, was to pass along some website recommendations for anyone interesting in nerding/sleuthing out as much as myself.


The References

I can't express my admiration and appreciation enough for the wonderful people behind this website. The name says it all. It's the largest publicly used data base of whisky (mostly scotch, but some bourbon & world whiskies as well), that serves essentially as a birth certificate/review source for each bottle. Most of the bottle photos on this site (as well as most blogs) will come from user uploaded photos on Whiskybase, which is just one of the many features that keeps me logging on continuously throughout the day.

The Writers

Serge Valentin started the world's longest running spirits blog over 20 years ago, and with the help of Angus MacRaild in the latter years, has remained the bona fide "gold standard" of scotch whisky review sites. It's unlikely he'll ever refer to himself as an influencer, however there are few reviewers that have proven to have a "move-the-needle" effect on the market as Serge has earned over the years.

There are possibly hundreds of other whisky blogs I could've mentioned, however most end up either posting rather infrequently or have moved on to greener pastures, so I chose the one's I actually try to frequent on a daily basis.


Resources & Links


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