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Scotch Drinker's Weekly Vol. 01

Scotch Drinker's Weekly 09/01/2023 Vol. 01

Campbeltown's distillery expansion took another step forward this week as the owner's for Witchburn Distillery were granted planning permission from the Argyll & Bute council. Initial plans are to build a 2 million LPA production with future sights on expanding to 4 million, which will immediately make it the largest producer of spirits in Campbeltown's rich history.

Macallan Colours Collection
Image Credit: Macallan

The travel retail exclusive is Macallan's latest collaboration with artist David Carson. Their previous "colorful" collab was another travel exclusive, the Concept No. 3 which was released back in 2020. Similar to their core lineup, this scaled-down, and somewhat limited version (aged entirely in Sherry seasoned American Oak) will include a 12, 15, 18 & 30 year old bottling, as well as a reintroduction of a 21 year age statement.


After submitting plans back in April, IMD received approval this week to move forward with building their new storage facility, outside of Stirling. With cask storage becoming an issue as of late, the Bandeath Industrial Estate provides a perfect central location in order to house casks from their three (3) distilleries (Rosebank, Tamdhu & Glengoyne), as well as the expansive inventory for their popular brands (Chieftan's, Smokehead, Sheep Dig, Isle of Skye, etc.).

Brora Iris & Bowmore STAC 55
Image Bottle Credits: Whiskey Raiders

Brora and Bowmore announce oldest releases to date for the Distiller's One of One Charity Auction

On the heels of Old Pulteney entering their oldest stock into the bi-annual auction (this 45 year old masterpiece), Diageo announced this week, their oldest Brora, the 50 year old Brora Iris would enter the auction, quickly followed by Beam Suntory adding their own oldest release...the 55 year old Bowmore STAC. The beautiful 1.5 liter decanters are all part of the Distiller's One of One Charity Auction looks to surpass the lofty $4 million it raised in its successful inaugural auction back in 2021.

Isle of Harris The Hearach
Image Credit: Isle of Harris Distillery

Visitors of the currently ongoing Hebridean Distillery Festival, as well the rest of us, only have to wait three more weeks (09/22/2023) to enjoy some Harris whisky. Already renowned for their award winning gin production, Isle of Harris is finally set to release their inaugural whisky bottling, The Hearach. The bottling which, unsurprisingly gets its name from the gaelic translation of "a person from Harris," will feature a vatting of the three cask types (ex-bourbon, oloroso and fino butts), which is used in their production.

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