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Glendronach Duo

Day 2…I’m off to a hot start here with yesterday’s Ben Nevis tropical fruit bombs and now today’s sherrybombs! Or as I like to call it…. scotch wine (apologies to anyone that’s already gave birth to that phrase already).

One of the things I’ve always appreciated about Glendronach is how they rely on the whisky to do the marketing. Outside of the annual high end Grandeur batches, the presentation on their core range, and single casks are rather understated compared to the likes of similar sherry-centric “luxury brands.” No fancy decanter style glass shapes, cork toppers or cedar wood cases that not only enable a brand to charge a bit more, but also does a great job of keeping bottles closed, rather than drunk.

The other commendable note I have for “Dronach” is their distillery only hand-filled selections. Nothing better than when a distillery rewards the passionate enthusiast that made the time to visit the distillery, with an exclusive offering at a reasonable price. Even better when it’s continuously a pretty good cask that’s available. Speaking of…

Glendronach 1994/25 Year Hand-Filled Oloroso Puncheon #7459 - 53.4%
Bottle Image Credit: Whiskybase


1994/25 Year Hand-Filled

Oloroso Puncheon 7459 - 53.4%

Appearance: Old oak

First Whiff: Cella’s chocolate covered cherries.

Nose: No surprise we’re gonna be a bit wine heavy here. Glendronach is obviously one of those wonderful distillates that seem to play perfectly with sherry though. Chocolate leads the way…chocolate jellies, slightly musty old oak, prunes, figs, and cloves. Surprisingly no spice.

Palate: Heavy wood, tannic, creamy to start. Very rounded…like a cough syrupy mouthfeel. Sweet but not fruity. Tootsie rolls, fresh tobacco, cocoa dusted cedar. Closer to an Armagnac, with a bit of rancio.

Finish: : Long, warming…Werther’s dark chocolate…light tickles of liquorice in the back…a great replacement cough syrup for whisky lovers, perhaps.

Summary: Finances aside, this is a great cigar pairing whisky. Heavily mouth coating, no sharpness. Most people will LOVE this. No question there’s been some excellent cask maturation here, I’ve just grown a bit tired of this kind of distillate consuming, wine-heavy flavor profile.

IDS SCORE: 92 (OK...maybe not that tired of it)

Glendronach  1992/26 Year - Oloroso Butt #66 57.1%
Bottle Image Credit: Whiskybase


1992/26 Year - Oloroso Butt 66 -57.1%

10th Anniversary Abbey Whisky

Appearance: Old oak

First Whiff: Ooo we have a winner. Of what, I do not know…but this certainly deserves a gold medal of something.

Nose: Great wood…Grand Champagne style cognac here. Cherry cola, tobacco leaves, classic Hersey’s chocolate and warm brambly compote with some fresh orange blossoms. Stunning.

Palate: Leathery but firm. Subtle tart black cherry, pomegranate style ash. Maduro wrapper notes now, earthy, rich mocha. Beef broth/umami style gravy rides the mid-palate all the way down. Yum.

Finish: Bitter dark chocolate, liquorice candy.

Summary: Although I’ve never used the phrase myself, “The Stonker” as it was so eloquently coined by the Sherry Bomb Whisky Appreciation Society of Facebook (formerly known as the Glendronach Appreciation Society), is somehow a completely understandable description for this pour. I wasn’t a member, back when the title was given but it apparently refers to the overall heavy hitting, powerful nature of said bottling, which preceded the group’s first official bottling with Glendronach, coincidently named “The Belter.” For some reason this is starting to feel like Ricky Vaughn was in charge of all these names.

Back to the whisky. The nose was the real winner, for me with all the cognac level complexity. I had hopes it would follow through into the palate but the brightness, or stonkness in this case tapered off a bit.



Glendronach Duo


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