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Bram van Glabbeek & Floris Kooistra


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Barrel Head

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Barrel Head

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WhiskyNerds is a group of five whisky enthusiasts who, after a memorable pilgrimage to legendary whisky distilleries in Scotland in Spring 2009, decided to turn their passion into a profession by becoming independent whisky bottlers. Their journey through Scotland transformed their friendship and inspired them to create their own whisky label, WhiskyNerds.

At the heart of Whisky Nerds' philosophy is the belief that time is the secret ingredient in crafting excellent whisky. They are committed to bottling the finest whisky they can find, allowing it the time it needs to mature and develop its unique flavors. This dedication to quality means that their whisky releases are carefully timed, and they may not be frequent, but they are always of the highest standard.

WhiskyNerds' mission is to share their passion for exceptional whisky with enthusiasts around the world. Their releases are a result of their commitment to producing whisky that meets the highest quality standards. This dedication to excellence ensures that when you enjoy a glass of WhiskyNerds whisky, you're savoring a product that has been meticulously crafted for your pleasure.

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  • 1997/24 Year - Hogshead #901451 49.6% Harold H.


  • 1996/24 Year - Bourbon Hogshead #WN001 – 54.9% Harold H.

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