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Clynelish's history is intertwined with the troubling period of Scottish clearances in the 19th century, during which tenant farmers were forcibly displaced from their ancestral lands. The Duke of Sutherland established the Clynelish distillery in Brora as part of his business enterprises, staffed by displaced farmers. Over time, Clynelish gained recognition, and its whisky became highly sought after by the end of the 19th century.

In 1967, the modern day Clynelish plant, with six stills was built alongside the original distillery, which was subsequently renamed Brora. Brora produced heavily peated whisky for blending purposes until 1973, becoming a cult malt after its closure in 1983.

Clynelish historically produces a "waxy" new make spirit, achieved through clear worts, long fermentations, and a focus on maximizing copper conversation during distillation as well as a fascinating step in their production process where oils naturally precipitate in the feints receiver. Instead of discarding these oils, which would result in the loss of the waxy character, they are removed during the distillery's annual silent season and then reintroduced. This process gives Clynelish whisky its signature waxy mouth-coating texture, complemented by citric notes and occasional mineral or ozone hints. Tastings of older Clynelish expressions suggest that this waxy style was more prevalent in the whisky industry during the 1950s and 1960s.

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Signatory Vintage

  • 1995/23 Year |Cask Strength Collection| Refill Sherry Butt #11227 - 56.3% Harold H.

  • 1995/23 Year - Refill Sherry Butt #11252 (20th Anniversary of The Whisky Exchange) - 55.4% Harold H.


  • 1995/24 Year |Wax and Wane| Hogshead - 46% Harold H.

Whisky Nerds

  • 1996/24 Year - Bourbon Hogshead #WN001 – 54.9% Harold H.

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