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Calum Fraser
*Master Blender & Strategic Inventory Manager

Beam Suntory


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Ardmore, nestled in the Aberdeenshire countryside near Kennethmont, was founded in 1898 by Adam Teacher, son of Glasgow blender William Teacher. This strategic location had ample water, local peat, barley fields, and railway access to support the distillery's vision. Ardmore has remained a vital component to the Teacher's blend since its inception, which still enjoys global popularity, particularly in India and Brazil. The distillery underwent expansions in 1955 and 1974, and despite its coal-fed stills lasting until 2001, Ardmore has mainly been a silent contributor to blends, preventing it from establishing a significant single malt presence. However, its independent bottlings have garnered a loyal following among single malt enthusiasts, thanks to releases by Gordon & MacPhail and Signatory Vintage, among others.

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Single Cask Nation

  • 2009/10 Year - Bourbon Hogshead #707927 (Roma Exclusive) 58.8% Harold H.

Thompson Bros.

  • 1998/21 Year - Refill Hogshead 51.5% Harold H.

The Whisky Nerds

  • 1997/24 Year - Hogshead #901451 49.6% Harold H.

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