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Jens Drewitz


Barrel Head

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Barrel Head

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Barrel Head

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Founded by Jens Drewitz, Sansibar Whisky, established in 2012, is a relatively new player in the independent bottling scene, though quickly gained a devoted following thanks to their single-cask bottlings adorned with the logo of Germany's renowned beach restaurant. Sansibar-Whiskey GmbH, the company behind Sansibar Whisky, supplies the Sylt restaurant with unique and rare single-cask expressions.

With a wealth of experience in cask selection, Sansibar Whisky exclusively sources Scottish single malts, carefully chosen from various regions, including the Highlands, Speyside, and the islands. They bottle these whiskies at the optimal stage of maturation, ensuring the best possible flavor. Sansibar Whisky offers a diverse range of expressions under different series and labels, such as the Classic, the Clans, and the Chinese Mask label.

Sansibar Whisky is renowned for its commitment to quality, transparency, and offering a wide variety of single cask whiskies from around the world. They work with both well-known and lesser-known distilleries and various cask types to provide a broad spectrum of flavor profiles. The company is dedicated to providing detailed information about each whisky, including distillery, cask type, and age, empowering customers to make informed choices about their purchases. Sansibar Whisky is a respected independent bottler that places a premium on transparency and customer satisfaction.

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  • 2009/11 Year |Finest Whisky Berlin| Sherry Cask 52.7% Harold H.


  • 1990/30 Year |Black White Art| Sherry Cask #5297 *Sansibar Whisky 10th Anniversary* - 46.5% Harold H.


  • 1995/25 Year |Finest Whisky Berlin| Bourbon Hogshead - 52.3% Harold H.

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