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Tobermory distillery, nestled on the Isle of Mull, boasts a rich yet tumultuous history marked by closures and name changes. Founded in 1798 by John Sinclair, a local kelp merchant, it was among the early distilleries to secure a license in 1823. However, Tobermory experienced several periods of dormancy, including a 40-year hiatus starting in 1837. Ultimately, it fell under the control of DCL in 1916 after DCL acquired its owner, John Hopkins & Co. Yet, the distillery fell silent again shortly thereafter, remaining inactive for another four decades.

In 1972, a consortium that included a Liverpool shipping company, Pedro Domecq, and "Panamanian interests" formed Ledaig Distillery (Tobermory) Ltd, reopening the distillery under the name Ledaig. Unfortunately, this venture faced financial difficulties, resulting in bankruptcy and another closure. Finally, in 1979, Tobermory Distillers Ltd. emerged under Kirkleavington Property Co. to acquire the distillery, renaming it Tobermory. Regrettably, their efforts to revive Tobermory distillery proved futile, leading to another closure in just three years. During this time, the distillery's buildings were repurposed as holiday rentals and cheese storage facilities.

It wasn't until 1993 when Burn Stewart Distillers purchased the distillery buildings and its remaining stock, breathing new life into Tobermory. Tobermory Distillers Ltd. was established as a limited company in the same year, with significant investments made to restore production. Today, Tobermory Distillers Ltd. remains a non-trading subsidiary of Burn Stewart, now owned by South African wine and spirits group Distell. The distillery produces both Tobermory and Ledaig single malts, with the latter known for its heavy peat influence.

Tobermory stands as the sole distillery on the Isle of Mull and holds the distinction of being one of Scotland's oldest active distilleries. Despite its turbulent past, it continues to contribute to the whisky world with its unique character and offerings.

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A.D. Rattray

  • 1994/25 Year |Cask Collection| Bourbon Hogshead #88112 (Alba Import) - 57.3% Harold H.

Elixir Distillers

  • Ledaig 2005/14 Year |Single Malts of Scotland| Sherry Butt #900177 57.8% Harold H.

  • Ledaig 2005/14 Year |Single Malts of Scotland| Sherry Butt #900178 55.4% Harold H


  • 1995/25 Year |Finest Whisky Berlin| Bourbon Hogshead - 52.3% Harold H.

Thompson Bros.

  • 1995/27 Year Refill Hogshead - 49.7% Harold H.

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