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A.D. Rattray

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Stanley W. Morrison *Chairman
& Stanley A. Morrison *Director

United Kingdom

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Barrel Head

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Barrel Head

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A.D. Rattray, a prominent name in the world of Scotch whisky, traces its origins back to 1868 when it was founded by Andrew Dewar Rattray. Initially established as an importer of French wines, Italian spirits, and olive oil, the company swiftly gained recognition as a specialist in blending and storing malt and grain whiskies.

During the late 1800s, A.D. Rattray's horse-drawn carts carrying fine wine and spirits became a familiar sight in Clydeside and Central Glasgow. The company represented several renowned Highland Malt distilleries, particularly Stronachie, supplying bulk whisky to various wine and spirit merchants, publicans, and Scotch whisky blending houses throughout the West of Scotland.

Following Andrew Dewar Rattray's passing and industry challenges, the company came under the stewardship of whisky broker William Walker. A significant development occurred when Stanley P. Morrison, whose daughter married into the Walker family, united the two whisky-loving families. This marriage secured the future of A.D. Rattray, ultimately passing into the hands of their descendant and current Chairman, Stanley Walker Morrison.

With skills and knowledge handed down through generations and the Morrison family's continued guidance, A.D. Rattray has evolved into the company it is today.

In recent years, the company has garnered attention for its Cask Collection series, featuring single cask bottlings at cask strength, known for their unchillfiltered nature. Additionally, A.D. Rattray revived the Stronachie malt, honoring its historical roots and receiving acclaim for its exceptional quality.

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  • 1994/25 Year |Cask Collection| Bourbon Hogshead #88112 (Alba Import) - 57.3% Harold H.

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