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William Wemyss

United Kingdom

Barrel Head

Years of operation

Barrel Head

Owner/Head(s) of Whisky

Barrel Head

Country of Business

Wemyss Malts, established by William Wemyss in 2005, is a prominent family-owned business based in Edinburgh with strong ties to the Scotch whisky industry. The Wemyss family's historical connections with whisky can be traced back to the 19th century, with John Haig's first distillery built on Wemyss land. Today, barley grown on the Wemyss Estate is used by many distillers. The company initially introduced blended malts with age statements, including five, eight, and 12-year-old variants, but later dropped age statements in 2015.

Wemyss Malts markets a trio of blended malts: Spice King, Peat Chimney, and The Hive. These blended malts are known for using descriptive names to convey their character. Additionally, Wemyss Malts offers a range of vintage single cask expressions, each bearing the name of the source distillery along with a unique descriptor.

Apart from their whisky endeavors, the Wemyss family owns Kingsbarns distillery in Fife through Wemyss Distillery Ltd. Kingsbarns began producing spirit in February 2015 and operates under the direction of William Wemyss and Isabella Wemyss, maintaining a balance between tradition and experimentation in the whisky world.

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Caol Ila

  • 1983/35 Year |Smoky Nectar| Hogshead – 46% Harold H.


  • 1995/24 Year |Wax and Wane| Hogshead - 46% Harold H.

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