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Single Cask Nation

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Joshua Hatton &
Jason Johnstone-Yellin

United States

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Single Cask Nation is a unique and passionate community of whisky enthusiasts. Founded in 2011 by Joshua Hatton and Jason Johnstone-Yellin, it is an independent bottling company that offers rare and fine single cask whiskies. More than just a club, Single Cask Nation represents a virtual fellowship where members share their love for quality spirits.

The company sources single casks of whisky from various distilleries around the world and bottles them at cask strength under the Single Cask Nation label. They prioritize transparency, following the Scottish model of clearly stating the distillery name on the label. This approach allows them to offer a diverse range of whiskies with unique flavor profiles.

In addition to their online-only releases, Single Cask Nation launched a line of products in 2017 that can be found on store shelves and in whisky bars. Their portfolio covers a wide spectrum of cask types and ages, making it an exciting choice for whisky enthusiasts.

Jason and Joshua also produce a weekly podcast, or "padcost" (for those familiar). The "One Nation Under Whisky" podcast covers all general aspects of the current whisky landscape, including the latest hot topics, new releases and all around good fun, as well as mixing in some sci-fi cinema reviews when appropriate.

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  • 2009/10 Year - Bourbon Hogshead #707927 (Roma Exclusive) 58.8% Harold H.


  • Port Charlotte 2002/14 Year - 1st Fill Oloroso Hogshead #1142 – 60.2% Harold H.

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