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North Star Spirits

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Iain Croucher

United Kingdom

Barrel Head

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Barrel Head

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Barrel Head

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North Star Spirits, an independent whisky bottling company, was born from a pivotal moment when the founder, inspired in his early 40s, decided to seize an opportunity to purchase exceptional whisky that was beyond his means. The company's name, suggested by his wife Zoë, represents a sense of true north, navigation, and uniqueness. North Star Spirits distinguishes itself from mainstream brands by focusing on single cask bottlings, where each cask yields a limited number of bottles, resulting in a unique and individual product.

Their whiskies, often considered "time machines," aim to evoke nostalgic memories through their distinct profiles. North Star Spirits offers a range of whiskies that cater to various budgets, from £35 to £200 per bottle, making it accessible to a broad audience. The company's branding and packaging reflect a commitment to sustainability, avoiding unnecessary packaging, and prioritizing the whisky itself. The label design draws inspiration from the inner workings of an orrery, creating an attractive and informative presentation for consumers.

In addition to their single cask bottlings, North Star Spirits produces blended malts and blended Scotch whiskies, catering to a wide range of preferences. The company's approach to whisky appreciates the unique qualities of each cask, and they aim to provide a diverse selection for whisky enthusiasts.

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  • 1994/25 Year |Single Cask Series 11| Refill Hogshead - 48.5% Harold H.

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