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Findlay Ross
*Director of Production,
Ranald Watson & David Allen
*Co-Directors of Sales/Marketing

J & A Mitchell


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Barrel Head

head whisky maker(s)

Barrel Head


Barrel Head

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Barrel Head


Springbank distillery, located in Campbeltown, stands as a testament to continuity and tradition. Owned by the Mitchell family since 1837, this distillery's roots trace back to illicit distillation in the Kintyre Peninsula. Its founder, William Reid, was even related to the Mitchells by marriage. With its rich heritage, Springbank thrived in the 19th and early 20th centuries, contributing to Campbeltown's status as Scotland's whisky capital. However, the industry faced a collapse in the 1920s, with only Springbank, Glen Scotia, and Hazelburn surviving. In 1979, the distillery temporarily closed but reopened in 1987, shifting its focus to single malt sales under the ownership of Hedley Wright.

Springbank prides itself on traditional methods, using old-style equipment, including wooden washbacks made from boatskin larch and a direct-fired wash still. What sets Springbank apart is its three distinct styles of whisky production: Springbank, medium-peated; Longrow, heavily peated; and Hazelburn, unpeated. The distillery meticulously manages its production process from malting to bottling, producing highly complex and distinct new make spirits.

Springbank's commitment to tradition is evident in its floor malting methods and self-reliance, with malting floors reopened in 1992. Today, it remains one of the last surviving distilleries in Campbeltown, offering a range of unique single malt whiskies known for their complexity and character.

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Distillery Bottling

  • 1996/18 Year |Single Cask| Fresh Port (US Exclusive) - 52.1% Harold H.

  • 10 Year – Distillery Bottling (Circa 2005) – 46% Harold H.

  • 10 Year – Distillery Bottling 2017 (Batch 17/195) – 46% Harold H.

  • 10 Year – Distillery Bottling 2021 (Batch 21/120) – 46% Harold H.

Distillery/Private Bottling

  • 1995/19 Year Fonseca 1970 Vintage Port Cask #545 - 53.9% Harold H.

Nickolls & Perks

  • 1997/25 Year |Inaugural Casks| Fresh Rum Barrel #242 – 49.1% Harold H.

North Star Spirits

  • 1994/25 Year |Single Cask Series 11| Refill Hogshead - 48.5% Harold H.

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