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Hunter Laing

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Stewart, Andrew & Scott Laing *Owners

United Kingdom

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Hunter Laing & Company, a prominent name in the world of independent whisky bottlers, is led by Stewart Laing and his sons, Andrew and Scott. The Laing family's journey in the whisky industry has deep roots, with Stewart gaining experience at Bruichladdich and later working with Douglas Laing & Co.

Established in 2013, Hunter Laing & Co. boasts an impressive portfolio of whisky brands, including Old Malt Cask, offering rare and aged malts bottled at 50% abv, the cask-strength Old & Rare selection, House Of Peers, Sovereign Single Grain, and Hepburn's Choice, a range of younger single malts. They also operate a bottling facility in East Kilbride.

In 2018, Hunter Laing expanded its horizons by opening its own distillery, Ardnahoe, located on Islay. This move was in response to the rising demand for peated Scotch whisky. Ardnahoe's first cask of whisky was filled in November 2018, and it officially opened to the public in 2019, marking a new chapter in the company's history.

With a rich family legacy and a dedication to producing exceptional whisky, Hunter Laing & Co. has made its mark in the whisky world, and Ardnahoe Distillery represents an exciting addition to their endeavors.

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  • 2009/6 Year |The Old Malt Cask| Sherry Hogshead #HL 12934 (US Exclusive) - 50% Harold H.

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