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Talisker Distillery, now one of only two distilleries perched on the stunning Isle of Skye, boasts a rich history that intertwines with Scotland's whisky heritage. Founded in 1830 by the MacAskill brothers, Talisker's origins are rooted in the controversial Clearances, as it emerged from land once occupied by forcibly relocated residents. Initially facing struggles in the whisky industry, Talisker changed hands several times, with its fate finally turning around in 1880 under Roderick Kemp and Alexander Allen. They expanded the distillery and constructed a vital pier for efficient cask shipping.

Talisker's distinct character arises from its location and unique production methods. It's known for its spicy, smoky, and salty whisky profile. The distillation process incorporates tall stills with purifier pipes, enhancing the spirit's complexity and character.

Though it faced challenges, including a devastating fire in 1960 and the closure of its maltings in the 1970s, Talisker has risen to prominence. It became a key member of Diageo's Classic Malts Selection, offering a range of expressions that include the signature 10-year-old, an 18-year-old, and innovative, no-age-statement releases like 57˚North, Storm, Dark Storm, and Port Ruighe.

Talisker's exceptional whiskies, high-quality craftsmanship, and distinctive coastal character have made it an integral part of Scotland's single malt landscape, earning accolades and recognition from whisky enthusiasts worldwide.

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Distillery Bottling

  • 18 Year - 2021 - 46.8% Harold H.

  • "The Wild Explorador" |Diageo Special Releases 2023| White, Tawny and Ruby Port Finish – 59.7% Harold H.

Hunter Laing

  • 2009/6 Year |The Old Malt Cask| Sherry Hogshead #HL 12934 (US Exclusive) - 50% Harold H.

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