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The Whisky Agency

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Carsten Ehrlich


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Barrel Head

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The Whisky Agency, founded by Carsten Ehrlich in Germany, is a renowned independent bottler with a strong presence in the world of whisky. Carsten Ehrlich is not only the driving force behind The Whisky Agency but also the organizer of The Whisky Fair, one of the world's most prestigious annual whisky gatherings, which started in 2002 and has grown to become the largest whisky festival globally in terms of both size and whisky selection.

While The Whisky Fair initially focused on old and rare malts, it has evolved over the years to cover the entire spectrum of the whisky industry, from antique and rare treasures to new and exciting discoveries. Ehrlich's experience in selecting and sourcing casks for The Whisky Fair led him to establish The Whisky Agency as an independent bottler in 2008.

Despite having a relatively limited online presence, The Whisky Agency is well-known for its passion and commitment to bottling high-quality single casks. Their selections are driven by their own enjoyment, and they bottle whiskies that they find exceptionally delicious and worthy of sharing with the world. This means their library of whiskies doesn't conform to a specific theme regarding age, distillery, cask type, size, or style.

The Whisky Agency has also built a reputation for collaborating with respected whisky bars and retailers, further establishing its presence and influence in the whisky community. With over 800 bottlings to their name, The Whisky Agency is recognized for consistently delivering good to very good quality whiskies, including many old and rare expressions, often bottled at cask strength.

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