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Van Wees (The Ultimate Whisky Company)

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Maurice van Wees


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Maurice van Wees is the driving force behind The Ultimate Whisky Company, which he founded in 1994. With a rich family legacy in the whisky business, initiated by his father Han van Wees, who introduced single malt Scotch whisky to the Netherlands in the sixties, Maurice has continued this tradition. Van Wees has a long history in the wine and spirits business since 1921. Their journey into the whisky world started when they seized an opportunity involving a sunken ship in Rotterdam in 1921. Since then, they have maintained a commitment to offering great single malts at affordable prices.

Over the years, the Dutch whisky scene has evolved significantly, transitioning from blended Scotch to single malts. Whisky clubs formed, festivals grew, and the knowledge and palate of Dutch whisky enthusiasts expanded. In 1994, The Ultimate Whisky Company ventured into independently bottling Scotch whisky. Their focus has always been on quality, offering exceptional whisky at reasonable prices. Their commitment to excellence and word-of-mouth marketing has made them stand out in a crowded market.

The selection of casks for bottling under 'The Ultimate' label involves seeking specific distillery characteristics while ensuring that cask influence does not overpower the spirit. The company also refrains from chill-filtration to preserve the whisky's character. The 'Rare Reserve' series features whiskies from closed distilleries, providing collectors and enthusiasts with unique, high-quality options. The company listens to consumers and adapts to changing tastes to remain relevant.

Maurice believes that every distillery can produce great whisky with the right cask, emphasizing the importance of quality casks over brand recognition. He treasures all their bottlings and considers them "drinkable collectibles."

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  • 1996/17 Year |The Ultimate - Cask Strength| Sherry Butt #72323 57.5% Harold H.

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