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Michel Reick


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Barrel Head

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Scotch Universe, a relatively young but globally active company, has carved a niche for itself as an independent bottler of Scotch Whiskys. Boasting a team with extensive experience in the whisky industry, Scotch Universe is dedicated to offering high-quality spirits with unwavering dedication.

Scotch Universe GmbH, based in Germany, manages the development and maturation of their whisky stock in Scottish warehouses. Their global reach is facilitated through an extensive network of importers and brand ambassadors, ensuring that bottles reach whisky enthusiasts across the globe.

In Glasgow, Scotch Universe UK Ltd. specializes in the acquisition, storage, maturation, and worldwide distribution of large quantities of Scotch whisky. They offer customized white-label solutions for various clients, including supermarkets, wholesalers, and hotel chains. Additionally, they provide a diverse range of standard products tailored to meet the needs of larger customers.

Under the leadership of Michel Reick, often referred to as the "Whisky Druid," Scotch Universe has been actively bottling whiskeys since 2016. Notably, Scotch Universe's labels feature imaginative cosmic coordinates, offering vital information about the bottle's contents, such as age, cask type, peatiness, and the distillery's founding year.

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