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Malts of Scotland

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Thomas Ewers


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Malts of Scotland, a distinguished German independent bottler, was founded in 2005 by whisky enthusiast and connoisseur, Thomas Ewers. Ewers' journey into the world of whisky began during a vacation in 2003 when he discovered single malt whisky, igniting his passion for the spirit. His fascination led him to develop close relationships with various distilleries in Scotland, where he handpicked exceptional casks to import and sell under The Malts of Scotland label. Today, the company boasts a substantial inventory of casks in Scotland and a diverse selection of world whiskies stored at their retail store in Paderborn, Germany.

In addition to their bottling endeavors, Thomas Ewers is renowned for hosting whisky tastings worldwide, sharing his expertise and love for the spirit. He also embarked on distillation with the creation of "The Westfalian" in collaboration with the nearby German distillery, Northoff, producing German single malt whisky, grain whiskies, and liqueurs. Ewers' dedication to Scotch whisky earned him the prestigious title of a Keeper of the Quaich in 2016, recognizing his outstanding commitment to the whisky industry.

Malts of Scotland offers a range of unique bottlings, including the popular Warehouse Diamond series, known for showcasing the essence of Scottish distilling. Their portfolio also features Warehouse Range, Amazing Casks, and Standard Range, all bottled without color or chill filtration, reflecting their commitment to excellence as a multi-award-winning "Independent Bottler of The Year." Additionally, they curate a diverse selection of whiskies from around the world.

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