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Liquid Treasures

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Liquid Treasures Single Malt Whisky, hailing from Hahnstätten, Germany, is a distinguished bottling line known for its exceptional selection of Scottish single malt whisky and rum from carefully chosen single barrels. This German independent bottler, Liquid Treasures, has gained significant acclaim for its extensive catalog of rare and limited-edition single cask expressions. Renowned for their distinctive style and artistic labeling, Liquid Treasures offers its bottlings not only in Germany but also across various European countries and overseas markets. Their meticulous cask selection process ensures that only the highest-quality spirits find their way into their highly sought-after releases.

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Ben Nevis

  • 1996/25 Year - Bourbon Hogshead #1747 (Joint Bottling w/Acla da Fans) - 53.6% Harold H.

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