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Ferg & Harris

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John Ferguson
& Alex Harrison

United Kingdom

Barrel Head

Years of operation

Barrel Head

Owner/Head(s) of Whisky

Barrel Head

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Ferg & Harris, the "luxury single cask, single malt brand" is the independent bottling arm of Young Spirits, which also does warehousing, bottling, and labeling. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, it was born from the combined expertise and passion of its founders, John Ferguson and Alex Harrison. In 2020, they launched their own line of hand-selected and hand-bottled whiskies.

With approximately 500 casks stored in their warehouse, the brand takes pride in offering a small selection of new whiskies designed to provide a unique and exclusive tasting experience. Their team of whisky connoisseurs plays a central role in the crafting process, from selecting malts to distilling and offering comprehensive guidance on savoring the drink. Ferg & Harris's commitment to quality and limited production typically results in batches of 150 to 400 bottles.

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  • Lochindaal 2009/11 Year |Single Cask| Virgin Oak, Finished in PX Sherry Firkin - 62.7% Harold H.

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