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Dràm Mòr

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Kenny & Viktorija Macdonald *Co-Founders/Owners

United Kingdom

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Dràm Mòr Group Ltd. is an independent Single Cask Spirits bottler situated in Dumbarton, Scotland. Established in 2019 by Kenny and Viktorija Macdonald, Dràm Mòr is dedicated to sourcing and delivering the finest quality unique spirits to customers worldwide. They take pride in their open-minded approach to delivering exceptional spirits and the trust they've cultivated among their loyal clientele.

Co-founders Viktorija and Kenny Macdonald bring their expertise, linguistic capabilities, and international connections to the business. Viktorija, the first Lithuanian to venture into the whisky industry, speaks seven foreign languages and has received recognition for her entrepreneurship. Kenny specializes in building customer bases, managing and scaling export businesses, and hosting whisky tastings and events

Driven by a passion for independent, high-quality spirits, Dràm Mòr started as an export agency for Scottish brands before venturing into the world of independent bottling. Their portfolio now includes carefully selected whiskies and a range of spirits. With backgrounds in the whisky industry, Kenny and Viktorija have built a reputation for their expertise in selecting the right spirits and casks.

Dràm Mòr's cask selection process is meticulous, ensuring that each spirit is matched with the most suitable cask, including sherry casks, ports, dessert wines, red wines, rum, cognac, and ex-bourbon. Their unique approach values the potential of spirits regardless of age, believing that any spirit emerging from a cask can be intriguing, delightful, and distinctive.

The name "Dràm Mòr" translates from Scottish Gaelic to "Big Whisky," reflecting their commitment to delivering remarkable spirits. Based in Dumbarton, Scotland, a town with a rich whisky legacy, Dràm Mòr is proud to revive the whisky heritage in this historic location.

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