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Creative Whisky Company

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David & Dawn Stirk

United Kingdom

Barrel Head

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Barrel Head

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Barrel Head

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The Creative Whisky Company, founded by David and Dawn Stirk in 2005, was a notable player in the whisky industry. David's journey into the whisky industry started with his passion for Scotch whisky, eventually leading him to establish his own brand. David previously worked as the global sales and marketing manager for independent bottler Wm Cadenhead, decided to establish his own whisky bottling company after extensive involvement in whisky writing and promotion.

The Creative Whisky Company released a variety of whisky expressions on a monthly basis, offering a wide range of options to whisky enthusiasts. Their ranges included Exclusive Casks, Exclusive Malts, Exclusive Grains, and Exclusive Blends, categorized by regions such as peated, Highland, Speyside, and Islay.

The company, initially based in Cambuslang near Glasgow, began bottling its own whiskies in 2011, primarily focusing on single cask malts, grains, and occasional blends and subsequently sold off their remaining warehouse stock in 2018, ending the CWC bottlings. David continued to study and write about whisky history, and has now taken on a new venture of co-directing the building of the Dál Riata Distillery in Campbeltown.

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