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Berry Bros. & Rudd

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Emma Fox *CEO &
Lizzy Rudd *Chair

United Kingdom

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Berry Bros. & Rudd, a renowned British wine and spirits merchant, boasts an impressive 300-year history that began in 1698 when the Widow Bourne established her grocer's shop at No. 3 St James's Street. The Pickerings, who took over the business, supplied coffee to the fashionable Coffee Houses of St. James's and used the image of a coffee mill as their sign, a tradition that continues today.

Throughout the years, the business transitioned from grocer to wine and spirits merchant, evolving under the guidance of various family members. George Berry, in particular, played a pivotal role in shifting the focus to wines and spirits. By 1810, his name adorned the facade of No. 3 St James's Street.

The Rudd family, with Hugh Rudd as a key figure, joined forces with the Berrys in the early 20th century, contributing their wine expertise to the company. The mid-20th century marked significant changes, with non-family directors appointed and the creation of temperature-controlled wine cellars in 1967, a groundbreaking move.

In the 1990s, Berry Bros. & Rudd embraced digital innovation, launching one of the first wine merchant websites. They expanded their presence globally, opening shops in Asia and Ireland, while receiving a second Royal Warrant from H.R.H. The Prince of Wales in 1997.

As the 21st century dawned, the company continued to evolve, renovating historic cellars for private wine events and the Wine School. They maintained a strong presence in Asia, even offering wines from China. With two Royal Warrants, over 300 years of history, and a dedication to quality, Berry Bros. & Rudd stands as Britain's original wine and spirits merchant, providing exceptional beverages for all who appreciate a good drink.

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Ben Nevis

  • 1997 - Butt #103 - Royal Mile Whiskies - 55.8% - Harold H.

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