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Asta Morris

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Bert Bruyneel


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Asta Morris, founded by Belgian whisky enthusiast Bert Bruyneel, is an independent bottler and importer renowned for its distinctive, bubble-style label designs that accentuate the whisky's color. The company originated in 2009 as a private venture for Bert's writing and tasting pursuits. However, it took a serendipitous encounter with a 1975 cask at Benriach distillery in 2010 to kickstart Asta Morris as a whisky bottler.

The success of their first bottling, sourced from that Sherry hogshead, inspired Bert to explore more casks and launch his own whisky range. Asta Morris has gained recognition for its commitment to single cask bottlings without reduction, delivering unique expressions.

The brand primarily distributes its whiskies through specialized retailers in mainland Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, and more recently, Canada and Australia. Asta Morris's journey in the whisky world reflects Bert Bruyneel's transition from the meat processing industry to becoming a passionate whisky enthusiast, writer, and independent bottler.

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