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Artful Dodger

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Seb Woolf

United Kingdom

Barrel Head

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Barrel Head

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Barrel Head

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Artful Dodger, founded by Seb Woolf in 2012, is not your typical whisky brand. This renegade collective of professional whisky thieves is on a mission to liberate the world's rarest and most distinctive single-cask whiskies from their distillery confines. Rather than hoarding these treasures, they offer them to those who truly appreciate and savor exceptional whisky.

With a clandestine charm and charisma, Artful Dodger encourages enthusiasts to seize these limited editions and savor them before they're caught. The brand boasts an impressive collection, featuring a diverse array of distilleries, age statements, and price points.

In a bold move, Seb Woolf expanded his whisky ventures by opening a hybrid whisky shop and bar in September 2021, taking over the former Trafalgar Wines shop in Brighton. This retail space allows them to source directly from distilleries and closely track the products, observing their journey from cask to consumer. This unique approach provides valuable insights into customer preferences and market trends.

Artful Dodger's philosophy centers on independence, offering whiskies that reflect the quality of the liquid itself rather than elaborate branding. They aim to provide excellent whisky at approachable price points, introducing people to exciting brands like Nc’nean, Ardnamurchan, and Annandale.

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  • 2010/9 Year - Rivesaltes Cask #R18/3240001 - 64.2% Harold H.

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