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Menno Bijmolt & Cees Jan van Dijk


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Barrel Head

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Archives is an esteemed name in the world of whisky, born from the passionate community at, the largest online gathering of whisky enthusiasts. Since 2011, Archives has been carefully selecting casks with immense potential, allowing them to mature naturally into exceptional whisky experiences.

The Archives journey began in 2007 when Menno Bijmolt created, a platform for whisky aficionados to catalog their collections and share tasting notes. It rapidly evolved into the largest global whisky community, boasting over 120,000 members and over 2 million tasting notes.

In 2011, Menno was joined by Cees Jan van Dijk to establish a specialized whisky shop in Rotterdam, both online and offline. This shop prioritizes independent bottlers and elusive, rare whiskies, offering a selection of over 1,100 unique whiskies.

Archives' roots in whisky exploration run deep. In 2011, they introduced their first bottled whisky under the Archives label, a Strathmill from 1974. This initial success propelled them to acquire more casks, meeting the surging demand for single-cask whiskies bottled at their true strength.

One of Archives' defining strengths is its connection to the Whiskybase community, where feedback and tasting notes play a pivotal role in the selection process. Their dedication to purity, coupled with the insights of enthusiasts, continues to shape the outstanding Archives whisky collection.

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  • 2001/18 Year |The Fishes of Samoa| FFSHH #310 - 56.3% Harold H.

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