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Acla da Fans

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Bettina Zannier
*Managing Director


Barrel Head

Years of operation

Barrel Head

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Barrel Head

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Acla Da Fans, a Switzerland-based duty-free retailer, has been making its mark in the world of whisky since 2013. Established in 1985 by Cla Famos, the company initially focused on duty-free cosmetic and luxury goods. However, it shifted its specialization to single malts in 1997, amassing an impressive inventory of over 800 different whisky bottlings.

Over time, Acla Da Fans faced challenges in securing allocations of popular independent bottlings. As a solution, in 2013, the company decided to venture into releasing its own whisky selections.

Since 2002, Bettina Zannier has served as the Managing Director of Acla da Fans and has overseen the operations of the entire shopping center. Nestled in the Swiss duty-free region of Samnaun, Acla Da Fans offers a wide array of duty-free products, including cosmetics, cigarettes, jewelry, and, notably, whisky. Their releases encompass a range of independent single casks, all bottled at cask strength and proudly bearing the Acla Selection label. Additionally, the company offers a series known as Acla Special Selection, which includes older whiskies in their portfolio.

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