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Oliver Chilton
*Head Blender & Georgie Smith
*Distillery Manager

Elixir Distillers


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Tormore distillery, a striking architectural gem in Speyside, Scotland, represents a unique chapter in the whisky world. Construction began in 1959 under the design of Sir Albert Richardson, and by 1961, Tormore was distilling. Initially part of Long John Distillers, its whisky primarily featured in the company's blends, including the well-known Long John brand in North America. Today, it plays a significant role in the Ballantine's blends, a legacy dating back to Allied Distillers' acquisition of Long John in 1989.

Tormore's distinctive distillery stands out with its grand, palatial appearance, often likened to a Baltic hydropathic hotel. This distillery was constructed to harness the whisky boom of the late 1950s and early '60s, and since its inception, it has doubled its stills from four to eight. These stills feature purifiers, contributing to the spirit's light and firm character when matured.

In 2022, Elixir Distillers acquired Tormore distillery, marking a new era for this unique Speyside gem. Plans for refurbishments and a visitor center aim to bring Tormore's exceptional whisky and architectural charm to a global audience.

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