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Neil Macleod Mathieson
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Mossburn Distillers


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Torabhaig distillery, situated on the picturesque Isle of Skye, represents a unique chapter in Scotch whisky history. Founded on the dream of Sir Iain Noble, who moved to Skye in the early 1970s, this distillery project began to take shape in 2010, after his passing. Noble had already established Pràban na Linne (Gaelic Whiskies) and aimed to convert the historic Torabhaig farm steading into a distillery. The project received planning permission in 2002.

Mossburn Distillers, a subsidiary of Marussia Beverages BV, entered the picture around the same time, seeking a Skye location for their own distillery. The restoration of Noble's Torabhaig farm steading presented an ideal opportunity, and the renovation process began in 2013.

This distillery, which started production in early 2017, represents Skye's second licensed distillery, following Talisker's establishment in 1830. Torabhaig is designed to produce a traditional island-style malt whisky—medium-weight, medium-peated, with a lengthy fermentation in wooden washbacks. It embraces copper interaction to craft a fruit-forward spirit.

Initially, all of Torabhaig's spirit will be reserved for bottling as a single malt, although there are plans for blending in the future. Additionally, a visitor's center with a café and retail shop has been established, allowing whisky enthusiasts to experience this unique distillery firsthand.

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