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Kirstie McCallum
*Master Whisky Maker
& Gregg Glass
*Master Blender

Whyte & Mackay (Emperador)


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Tamnavulin, often referred to as the "mill on the hill," is a relatively young Scottish distillery, having been constructed in 1966 during the whisky boom of the early 1960s. Founded by the Tamnavulin-Glenlivet Distillery Company as a response to surging demand in the industry, it was later acquired by Invergordon Distillers.

Tamnavulin initially operated with six stills and even had Saladin maltings for a period. In 1995, as the whisky market slowed down, the distillery was mothballed but saw a revival in 2007 when it became part of Indian giant United Spirits following Whyte & Mackay's acquisition. In 2014, it changed hands again when Whyte & Mackay was sold to the Philippine-based Emperador Inc.

Situated in the picturesque Glenlivet region, Tamnavulin is the second distillery in the Glen of the River Livet, historically associated with the term 'Glenlivet' in Speyside whisky. Unlike some distilleries, Tamnavulin does not prioritize tourism and prominently displays a "NO VISITORS" sign, emphasizing its primary role as a supplier for blends.

Tamnavulin's distillation process involves large stills, a short fermentation period, and results in a light and cereal-accented spirit. While it primarily produces whisky for blends, there are a limited number of official single malt bottlings available, making it an intriguing distillery worth exploring.

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