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Located in the town of Keith, Strathmill Distillery was established in 1892. It initially bore the name Glenisla-Glenlivet, and by 1895, it found its way into the hands of W&A Gilbey, a prominent gin producer with expanding interests in Scotch whisky. The distillery's history is deeply intertwined with Keith's milling heritage, once a center for meal and weaving. Its conversion from a grain mill to a whisky distillery in 1891 mirrored a broader trend during the late 19th century whisky boom when several distilleries were established in the area.

Strathmill's unique character stems from its location in "Malt Whisky Country" and its distinctive production methods. The purifier pipe, extending from the lyne arm into the spirit stills, imparts a delightful olive oil-like quality to the new make spirit, harmonizing with light fruity and grassy notes. With a production capacity of around 2 million liters of pure alcohol annually and a setting that combines historical charm with whisky craftsmanship, Strathmill is a captivating presence in the world of Scotch whisky.

Today, Strathmill is owned by Diageo and plays a crucial role in producing blends like J&B whisky. While it primarily serves the world of blending, its sole official release can be found in the Flora & Fauna range.

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