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Situated in the heart of Speyside, Strathisla Distillery holds the prestigious title of Scotland's oldest licensed (continuously working) distillery, with roots tracing back to 1786. Initially a brewery within a local monastery, it transitioned to whisky production and went by various names before adopting Strathisla in 1951.

In 1950, Strathisla's fortunes changed when it was acquired by Jimmy Barclay on behalf of Seagram's Sam Bronfman. This marked the beginning of its association with Chivas Regal, playing a pivotal role in the iconic blend's success. Today, Strathisla stands as a picturesque distillery, serving as a notable tourist attraction.

The distillery's architectural layout is a journey through interconnected rooms, culminating in the low-roofed stillhouse, where the small stills impart character to the whisky. Although widely used in blends, Strathisla's single malt is regarded as complex and matures to reveal its full spectrum of flavors.

Strathisla's history is marked by resilience, surviving fires, explosions, and economic challenges. It has been an operational beacon since the late 18th century, making it one of the esteemed members of Scotland's "1700s club" of distilleries. Today, Strathisla continues to create whisky, drawing water from the Fons Bullen Well and upholding its legacy as a guardian of tradition in the Speyside region.

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