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Zak Shenfield *Head of Production & Angela Brown *Head Distiller

Douglas Laing


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Nestled in the village of Methven in Highland Perthshire, Strathearn Distillery is one of Scotland's tiniest distilleries. Established in 2013 within converted farm buildings, it boasts a wash still with an 800-litre capacity and a spirit still with a 400-litre charge. Unique in many ways, including its diminutive 50-litre casks (compared to the industry standard of 200 litres), Strathearn is known for its flexibility, producing not only whisky but also gin and rum.

Strathearn's commitment to individuality is evident in its diverse production methods. Some batches are double-distilled, others triple-distilled, using a mix of peated and unpeated malt, and various cask types, including Sherry, rum, and Bourbon. In October 2019, independent bottler Douglas Laing & Co acquired Strathearn, marking their first distillery acquisition. Despite the change in ownership, Strathearn continues to produce gin and rum under a new business, The Whisky Garden Ltd.

The distillery's roots go back to 2013, under the ownership of Tony Reeman-Clark, David Land, and David Wight. Gin production initially took the spotlight, but the distillery's first whisky was distilled in October 2013.

Situated in a 160-year-old stone farm steading, Strathearn sources its water from the nearby Loch Turret. While the distillery doesn't offer tours, it remains a symbol of craft distillation in Scotland.

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