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Speyside [SPEY]

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Allan Findlay
*Distillery Manager

Speyside Distillers Co.


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Barrel Head

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Barrel Head


Barrel Head

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Barrel Head


Built near the hamlet of Drumguish in the picturesque Speyside region of Scotland, the Speyside distillery has a unique history. Founded from an old Barley Mill dating back to the 1760s, it was meticulously built by George Christie and stone mason Alex Fairlie over two decades, finally completed in 1987 and commencing whisky production in 1990. With a capacity to produce 600,000 liters of alcohol annually, it's among the smaller distilleries in Scotland.

Drawing water from the River Tromie, this distillery is renowned for its beauty and intimate setting, nestled in a Speyside wood. Operated by a lean team of just four members, the distillery has a distinctive and light whisky-making process.

The Speyside distillery has witnessed several ownership changes, with Harvey's of Edinburgh being the current owners since 2012. Under their guidance, it produces the SPEY and BEINN DUBH single malts, among others. Despite its relatively low profile, the distillery has made its mark in various markets, with its whisky finding its way into blends, single malt ranges, and unique destinations around the world.

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