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Euan Henderson
*Distillery Manager

Inver House Distillers (Thai Beverages plc)


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Nestled in a picturesque glen opposite Glen Grant, the Speyburn distillery has been crafting whisky since its establishment in 1897. Designed by local architect Charles Doig, known for the iconic distillery pagoda, Speyburn was one of the first distilleries to employ pneumatic (drum) maltings in the Highlands, liberating it from traditional malting floor constraints, a practice continued until 1968.

This distillery, once a part of Scottish Malt Distillers and later Inver House, is known for producing a value-for-money malt in the US, although it remains relatively undiscovered by the wider world. Tradition meets innovation at Speyburn, with its stillhouse remaining largely unchanged since its inception, employing steam-driven stills and retaining worm tubs for condensation. The process yields a sulfury new make, transformed in the casks to unveil a delicate, fragrant character.

Founded by the Hopkins brothers, John and Edward, Speyburn draws its water from local sources, the Broad Burn and the Granty Burn, both significant contributors to the River Spey. Despite changing ownership several times over the years, Speyburn has maintained its commitment to crafting quality Scotch whisky.

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