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Mick Swanney
*Chivas Team Leader

Chivas Brothers Ltd. (Pernod Ricard)


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Located on the picturesque Orkney Islands, the Scapa distillery has a storied history dating back to 1885 when it was founded by Glasgow's John Townsend. This distillery, established during a surge in blend production, experienced a fire in 1919 but was resiliently rebuilt. Over the years, it changed hands several times, eventually falling under Allied Distillers' ownership. In 1959, Scapa introduced a Lomond still, designed to create diverse flavors from a single pot. While the original baffle plates are gone, the extensive copper necks contribute to the spirit's juicy character.

Production paused in 1994, with occasional runs managed by the Highland Park crew. In 2004, Scapa made its debut as a single malt, followed by a substantial distillery refurbishment. Ownership transitioned to Pernod Ricard in 2005, marking the distillery's resurgence.

Scapa's uniqueness lies in its production process, characterized by a once-exceptional 160-hour fermentation time, which imparts a pronounced fruitiness to the wash. A purifier pipe enhances reflux and adds a touch of oiliness. Maturation in American oak and refill casks further refines Scapa's distinct flavor profile, creating a honeyed, lightly peated whisky.

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