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Royal Brackla

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Stephanie Macleod
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John Dewar & Sons (Bacardi)


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Located in the heart of the Northern Highlands, the Royal Brackla distillery has a storied history that dates back to its founding by Captain William Fraser in 1812. This distillery's journey is marked by royal recognition, as it became the first Scotch whisky to receive a Royal Warrant from King William IV in 1835, earning the esteemed title of Royal Brackla.

Throughout its evolution, Royal Brackla has played a pivotal role in the world of whisky blending, with Andrew Usher, a pioneer in the blending industry, conducting his early blending experiments at the distillery. The distillery's legacy continued through various ownership changes, ultimately falling under the stewardship of Bacardi-Martini in the 1990s.

What sets Royal Brackla apart is its dedication to crafting ester-rich spirits. Long fermentation periods, upward-angled lyne arms on stills, and extensive copper interactions all contribute to creating a fresh, perfumed fruitiness in the spirit. This unique character enables it to harmonize beautifully with the powerful flavors extracted from aging in ex-Sherry casks, a maturation style favored by Dewar's for its single malt releases.

While official Royal Brackla bottlings have been relatively limited, independent releases from esteemed bottlers like Cadenheads, Douglas Laing, and Connoisseurs' Choice have showcased a diverse range of ages and expressions. Royal Brackla's contributions to Dewar's Blends, Johnnie Walker Gold, and other blends cement its status as a foundational element in the world of whisky blending, making it a name synonymous with quality and heritage.

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