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Pittyvaich distillery, erected in 1974, served a pragmatic purpose as a response to the rising demand for Bell's blended whisky. Owned by Arthur Bell & Sons, this distillery was born as the brand enjoyed newfound success in the 1970s, becoming Britain's top-selling blend. Located in Dufftown, Pittyvaich was a no-nonsense distillery that started with two stills, later expanding to four within a shed constructed next to the Dufftown distillery. In 1985, Bell's was acquired by Guinness, and the subsequent merger with DCL in 1986 led to the formation of United Distillers. This period saw a rationalization of distillery capacity, and Pittyvaich was considered surplus to requirements, leading to its closure in 1993 and eventual demolition in 2002.

Although initially created to support Bell's blended whisky production, Pittyvaich produced a distinctive single malt known for its estery top notes, a departure from the classic Bell's "nutty-spicy" house style. While not widely available, it did find its way into Diageo's Flora & Fauna range and occasionally featured in the company's annual Special Release program.

Pittyvaich's brief existence in the whisky world left behind a small but noteworthy legacy as one of Scotland's younger distilleries, showcasing unique characteristics in its limited releases.

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