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Gordon Wood
*Distillery Manager

Drimnin Distillery Co.


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Nc'nean distillery, located in Drimnin on the Morvern peninsula in the Scottish Highlands, is a pioneering Scotch whisky distillery known for its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The name "Nc'nean" is derived from the Gaelic legend of "Neachneohain," meaning the Queen of Spirits.

Founded by Annabel Thomas in 2017, Nc'nean distillery places a strong emphasis on producing organic whisky with minimal impact on the local ecosystem. It achieved the remarkable feat of becoming the first distillery in the UK to reach net-zero carbon emissions during whisky production. This achievement is attributed to its use of renewable electricity, carbon offsetting through forest planting, and the use of 100% recycled glass in its bottles.

The distillery initially secured funding from various sources, including family, friends, seed investors, and a grant of £600,000 from the EU via the Scottish Government. Notably, journalist Jeremy Paxman is among the investors, holding a 0.6% stake in the distillery. After the unexpected passing of master distiller Jim Swan just before the first distillation in 2017, Gordon Wood, formerly of Diageo, took on the role of master distiller.

In March 2020, Nc'nean successfully raised £1.7 million in funding to support its expansion efforts. The distillery made headlines in August 2020 when it auctioned its inaugural bottle of single malt Scotch whisky, raising an impressive £41,004 for charity. In February 2022, Nc'nean achieved certification as a B Corp, further solidifying its commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices.

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