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Miltonduff distillery, situated near Pluscarden Abbey in the Speyside region, has a history that includes illicit distillation in the vicinity of the restored medieval monastery. Established in 1824 and named for the Duff family who owned the estate, it transitioned from illicit to legal whisky production. By the end of the 19th century, Miltonduff had become one of Scotland's largest whisky producers, utilizing triple distillation, a unique method for the region. Canadian distiller Hiram Walker acquired the distillery in 1936, expanding its operations in Scotland.

In 1964, Miltonduff installed 'Lomond' stills to produce Mosstowie, a malt whisky. These stills operated until 1981. The distillery experienced significant expansion in 1974, increasing its capacity to over 5 million liters per year. In 2005, Miltonduff became part of Chivas Brothers, known for producing the elegant Ballantine's blend, which benefited from Miltonduff's fresh and floral new make character.

Despite its history, there have been limited official releases of Miltonduff single malt under Chivas Brothers' ownership. Gordon & MacPhail produces licensed bottlings of the whisky. Some Mosstowie expressions occasionally surface. In 2017, a 15-year-old single malt from Miltonduff was released as part of the Ballantine's brand.

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