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Mannochmore distillery, established in 1971 by DCL, embodies the confidence of the 1960s whisky industry. Initially, it was constructed to meet the growing international demand for blended whiskies and was closely associated with brands like Haig and Dimple.

In 1996, Mannochmore gained notoriety for its involvement in the creation of Loch Dhu, a highly controversial "black whisky" that utilized extensive spirit caramel, resulting in its pitch-black appearance. Despite its initial backlash, Loch Dhu has become a collector's item over time.

The distillery expanded its production capacity in 2013, increasing its annual output to 4.5 million liters. Mannochmore has had a relatively brief but successful history, contributing significantly to Haig's blends. After a period of closure in the 1980s due to economic challenges, it reopened and released official single malt bottlings, including a 12-year-old expression under the 'Flora & Fauna' range.

Under Diageo's ownership, Mannochmore continued to supply malt whisky for blends and implemented technological advancements in its distillation process. The distillery is known for its innovative use of a biomass burner for mash tun residues. Despite its involvement in Loch Dhu's production, Mannochmore has earned a respected place in the whisky industry.

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