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Stephanie Macleod
*Master Blender

John Dewar & Sons (Bacardi)


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Barrel Head

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Barrel Head


Macduff distillery, a modern facility, was established in 1960 to capitalize on the post-war whisky boom. Originally owned by a group of Glasgow brokers, including Brodie Hepburn. Subsequently managed by Brokers Block, Grey & Block, the distillery became part of William Lawson, the whisky division of Martini & Rossi, between 1966 and 1972. Throughout its history, Macduff steadily expanded its production capacity. In 1990, under Italian ownership, it increased the number of stills to five. Glen Deveron, the distillery's single malt range, was introduced, featuring younger expressions catering to the Italian market's preference for fresh malts. In 1995, Macduff transitioned to the Dewar's stable after Martini merged with Bacardi.

Macduff's distillery design, attributed to William Delme-Evans, is characterized by its cleanliness and functionality. Notably, the distillery employs unique techniques such as upward-tilting lyne arms with a right-angled kink and horizontal shell and tube condensers. These elements contribute to Macduff's distinctive nutty character, which includes a slight sulphur note in the new make spirit. The cold condensers employed at Macduff enhance the spirit's weight and may contribute to a balancing fruitiness in the final product.

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