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John Campbell
*Production Director

Lochlea Distilling Co.


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Barrel Head

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Lochlea distillery, situated in the Scottish Lowlands, has a unique origin story. Originally a cattle farm, it was acquired in 2006, covering 222 acres. Realizing the need for a different approach to make the farm economically viable, they ventured into growing malting barley on 50 acres in 2015.

Quietly learning from their occasional mistakes and exploring possibilities, the owners decided to establish a single malt distillery at Lochlea. Construction commenced in 2017, converting existing farm buildings into the distillery and transforming cattle sheds into bonded warehouses. All necessary licenses were secured in 2018, and the distillery began operations in August of that year.

What sets Lochlea apart is its historical significance, as it shares the same land where the Scottish national poet, Robert Burns, once lived and worked. Burns toiled the soil that now serves as the foundation for growing the malting barley used in Lochlea's whisky production.

Under the management of John Campbell, former Laphroaig Distillery Director, Lochlea distillery has been producing single malt whisky since 2018. With his extensive experience, John Campbell brings a wealth of knowledge and a strong ambition to help Lochlea realize its potential in the whisky industry. Lochlea's production process includes unique techniques such as a semi-cloudy wort and varying fermentation times to achieve distinctive flavor characteristics in their whisky.

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