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Linkwood distillery, situated on the outskirts of Elgin within Scotland's Speyside region, has a history dating back to 1821 when owner Peter Brown carefully timed its production to coincide with the 1823 Excise Act. This strategic move allowed Linkwood to legally establish itself as a distillery. In 1874, Peter Brown's son, William, completely rebuilt the distillery, giving it a new lease on life. For several decades, it operated independently, managed by an Elgin-based whisky broker. However, in 1932, it became part of the DCL (Distillers Company Limited) portfolio, a precursor to Diageo.

Linkwood continued to evolve, undergoing significant upgrades in 1972, including the construction of a new distillery opposite the old one. In 1985, the original distillery ceased production but remained an experimental site for Diageo's research into various aspects of whisky production. In 2012, the old building was demolished as part of a modernization effort. A new distillery was established, equipped with six washbacks and two stills, increasing its capacity to over 5.5 million liters annually.

Linkwood's appeal lies in its balance of freshness and texture. Its distinctive character is achieved through clear wort creation, extended fermentation, and slow distillation in pairs of stills where the spirit chamber is larger than the wash. This allows for increased copper contact, enhancing the fragrance and flavor. Linkwood whisky is bottled as a 12-year-old in Diageo's Flora & Fauna range, and independent bottlings, particularly from Gordon & MacPhail of Elgin, are also available.

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