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Lindores Abbey

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Gary Haggart
*Distillery Manager

The Lindores Distilling Co.


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Lindores Abbey distillery has a storied history dating back to the late 12th century when it was founded as a Tironensian Abbey by the Earl of Huntingdon. The site, once visited by royalty, is now overseen by Drew Mackenzie Smith, the current 'custodian of Lindores,' and his wife, Helen. Lindores Abbey holds a special place in whisky history, as it's believed to be linked to the earliest recorded instance of Scotch whisky production. In 1494, at the behest of King James IV, Friar John Cor, a Tironensian monk from Lindores, was tasked with creating 'aqua vitae,' marking the abbey as the 'spiritual home of Scotch whisky.'

Drew Mackenzie Smith embarked on a £10 million distillery project in 2013, supported by European investors. Construction was delayed due to archaeological discoveries, with the visitor center finally opening in 2017, preparing for imminent distillation. Lindores Abbey distillery boasts one wash still and two spirit stills, producing a lightly peated Lowland malt from barley grown in neighboring farms and malted at Muntons. Maturation takes place in an on-site dunnage warehouse, with a unique approach to heating 25% of it to expedite the aging process.

Beyond whisky production, the Mackenzie Smiths aim to establish a 'world-class visitor attraction,' offering insights into the Tironensian monks' craft, the abbey's history, and the art of whisky making.

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